Welcome to SangHyang Bay Villas

Escape to where exotic design and local Balinese luxury set the stage for exclusive and extraordinary experiences at Sanghyang Bay Villas. From the moment of arrival, guests are invited into surprising, sensory environments where amplified beach breezes, vibrant outdoor pool equipped with built-in pool bar chair and refreshing fresh water tub, unique bungalow and hut create more than just an exotic and local experience, but a luxury island life destination.

Each bungalow or hut is uniquely inspired by Indonesian cultures with local Balinese influences and creating a place to play or relax by day or to mix and mingle in high-energy spaces by night. Sanghyang Bay Villas offers room only; room with breakfast; airport shuttle with speed boat transfer included at additional cost; choices of water sports i.e. Snorkeling, Standup-Paddleboard rental, etc; on-site convenient store and clothing shop; restaurant with bar by the beach.

Combining the personality and style of a local Balinese who live the island life, consistency and attentive service of a friendly local owner and Lembongan Island resident, Sanghyang Bay Villas has redefined the exotic design and local Balinese luxury set the stage for exclusive and extraordinary experience. The Sanghyang Bay Villas experience began with the dreams from the owner who is local Lembongan Island – Bali descent to build and open a property which represents the uniqueness of Indonesian cultures mixing with Balinese exotic touch. Furthermore, The Sanghyang Bay Villas would like to emphasize the high values that the owner and his family stick onto for many generations: Friendliness, Family-like atmosphere, Honesty, Caring or Compassion, and do not forget to have fun in life.